Hotel Staff from India

The hospitality industry (hotels and catering)employs close to 235 million people globally currently, and the figure is expected to reach a staggering 296 million by 2019 (ILO report). However, as the ‘Tai Poutini’ press release (14th Apr 2011) clearly announces - there is severe shortage of trained hospitality staff’, it goes without saying how severe a struggle to recruit the ideally skilled hotel professionals is to ensue.

‘The hospitality industry is crying out for trained staff with figures showing 70 percent of people working in the industry are inadequately qualified, skilled or experienced’, the press release states.In a time as such, when there’s nothing short of a tug-of-war expected for the best professionals, IMR has stepped up to create a division exclusively dedicated to service the manpower needs of the hotel and catering industry. Backed by over two decades of excellence in recruitments for employers abroad, our clients have more than welcomed the exclusive hotel recruitment division, for they now can be at absolute rest knowing that regardless of the extent of struggle for hotel professionals, their businesses wouldn’t be affected one bit as long as they continue counting on us.

Our hotel staff recruitment division is supervised by some of the senior-most experts of the industry, so we can recruit the best talents for our clients. Furthermore, the division will co-ordinate with other departments of our company, to provide for a quick, convenient and perfect recruitment process for you.

IMR is all prepared to service your manpower requirements for the hotel and catering industry, as well as any other hospitality staff you may need for a different sector. Please read through the ensuing pages to discover IMR’s recruitment services for the hospitality industry.